We are neither the Light nor the Message ~ We are the Messengers

Clinical Practice Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, is your premier authorized VAR for both

Dragon Medical and eClinicalWorks

Clinical Practice Solutions takes care of all your software, installation, and training needs, as well as your communications infrastructure, networking and hardware needs (with our strategic partners). We also provide certified medical billing services for eClinicalWorks users, and workflow management consulting for medical practices.


 "Our Mission Statement"

We are neither the Light, nor the Message  ~

We are the Messengers


"We don’t run your business; we make your business run better."


"Our goal is to provide the proper tools and training to allow the physician the freedom to practice medicine rather than worry about the operation of their practice, allowing the physician, their family and employees a better quality of life, thus positively impacting the patient care of their community."