We are neither the Light nor the Message ~ We are the Messengers



-        Clinical Practice Solutions, Inc. and our associates represent the best overall value for you and your practice, firm or organization. We can handle all your software licensing, installation, training, communications infrastructure, networking, hardware and medical billing needs. We have people that we have personally screened, that we work closely with that deliver the same high level of service and integrity that we do in each of these areas.


-          Our desire is for you to be successful and be fully satisfied with your choice. We will not recommend equipment, training or support that you don’t need, but it is our mission to make sure that you understand what will fill your needs properly. We choose not to offer you the bare minimum that you need to get by just so we can be the lowest priced alternative. Our focus is on providing you with the best value that you can find; it is NOT on providing the lowest price or fastest implementation time or on doing a "hard sell". Everything we do is geared towards delivering to you the maximum value for your time and money, which allows you to do the same for your patients and clients.


-         Our training is also different from other companies in at least one, extremely important way. Instead of showing you how the software works, our certified instructors teach you how to use the program, and our goal is to have you actually utilizing the software in your practice or firm when we leave.